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Rogue Hack Lab is is a community of makers with roots extending throughout Southern Oregon and around the world. Join us to share, create, collaborate, research, develop, mentor, cross-pollinate, play, and of course, learn.

Many of us communicate on Slack. Join us to talk about what you're interested in.

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Featured Member Projects

Photo of 3D Printing
3D Printing
- 3D Printing - Hardware - Open Source -

Many members of Rogue Hack Lab use and have built or use 3D printers. Collectively mastering this process is an ongoing project that we engage in at nearly every opportunity.

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Photo of Micro Drone Race
Micro Drone Race
- quadcopter - drone - - IOT -

Test your hand at flying one of our mini drones through our custom built light up course. Think you have what it takes to compete?

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Photo of Outside Time
Outside Time
- Barbecue - 4th of July -

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Photo of Photo Booth
Photo Booth
- Javascript - Web Design - Raspberry Pi -

Using a RaspberryPi, camera module, thermal printer and a switch we created a photobooth that will take pictures, upload them to the internet and then allow participants to download the pictures later.

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Photo of
- Javascript - Web Design - Game Design -

Created as part of the Global Game Jam 2016 the game is simple: Given two nearly identical square grids of pixels, the player must determine which single pixel is not identical between grids.

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