Battlesnake Winter Classic 2019

Photo of Battlesnake Winter Classic 2019

We are participating in the Battlesnake Winter Classic! This will be a three tournament series running over November and December that will have snakes battling it out for the title of Winter Classic Champion. Each tournament will be streamed live on the Official Battlesnake Twitch channel.

When does it happen?

Tournament 1 - Saturday, November 16th @3:00 pm PST

Tournament 2 - Saturday, November 30th @3:00 pm PST

Tournament 3 - Saturday, December 14th @3:00 pm PST

How do I join?

To register for the event on your own, go here and sign up. If you would instead like to participate as a member of the Rogue Hack Lab team, reach out to us on Slack in the #battlesnake channel.

How do I watch?

Watch us live on the Official Battlesnake Twitch channel to follow along and join the live chat.