Robot Training

Photo of Robot Training

With a few recycled parts, an Arduino + motor shield, and Dlib computer software, you can make a working face-detecting candy thrower. Instructables

The Secrets of Locks

Photo of The Secrets of Locks

Have you ever lost your keys and wondered how those locksmiths get you in? Come and learn how to escape from handcuffs and unlock a variety of 1, 2, 3 and even 4 pin locking mechanisms. But remember, with great power comes great responsibility. If your interested in a good tutorial we recommend The Art of Lock Picking.

Translux LED Sign

Photo of Translux LED Sign

We hacked an arduino into a TransLux DataWall LED display to give it a new internet connected life. It used to hang in the window and inform people of upcoming events and about our hacker space however now it is used as an eye catcher at outreach events. v1 The first iteration of our design featured an Arduino Leonardo board interfacing between a RaspberryPi and the TransLux sign. By writing to serial from the RPI the message would be displayed on the display.


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